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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

September 7, 2023

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Floridians Protecting Freedom Speaks Out Ahead of Oral Arguments in Pivotal Abortion Case

TALLAHASSEE – Tomorrow, the Florida Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, et al. v. State of Florida, et al., the legal challenge to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban. Lauren Brenzel, Campaign Director for Floridians Protecting Freedom, the committee working to put abortion access on Florida’s ballot in 2024, released the following statement:

“Floridians overwhelmingly support abortion access and oppose abortion bans like the one currently in state law. We’ve already seen how our current abortion ban has forced some Floridians in need of care to travel out of state. Others have had to continue pregnancies against their will.

“Whatever the outcome of this legal challenge, our campaign is poised to give voters the chance to reclaim their freedom and put a stop to politicians interfering in our personal medical decisions once and for all.”


Floridians Protecting Freedom is a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give Florida voters the chance to ensure the government doesn’t interfere in Floridians’ personal medical decisions. Learn more about the coalition and its work at: https://floridiansprotectingfreedom.com/