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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

October 11, 2023

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Abortion ballot initiative raises more than $10 million, has more than 400,000 petitions verified

SARASOTA – Floridians Protecting Freedom, the campaign to put abortion access on the 2024 ballot in Florida, hits two milestones in the effort to give voters the chance to limit government interference in personal medical decisions once and for all. As of October 10th, the campaign has raised more than $10 million from over 3,600 supporters. And, according to the Florida Division of Elections, 402,082 of the petitions submitted by the campaign have now been verified out of the 891,523 needed by February 1, 2024.

“These incredible accomplishments are a testament to the tireless efforts of our fundraising team and a growing network of volunteers – from students to seniors – who have never wavered in their commitment to our campaign to put these deeply personal decisions back into the hands of patients and their health care providers, where they belong,” said Campaign Director Lauren Brenzel. “We’re so proud and grateful for their work as well as the efforts of our partners, allies and staff and we’re more confident than ever that we will get onto the ballot and that voters will affirm politicians have no place interfering in the decisions people make about their own bodies and futures.”

Of the more than $10 million raised to date, more than 80% has been raised in Florida and over half a million has come from grassroots fundraising efforts. And while the Florida Supreme Court deliberates on the constitutionality of Florida’s 15-week abortion ban, Florida citizens are fanning out across the state, collecting petitions and finding support across the political spectrum for this effort to limit government interference in our personal lives. 


Floridians Protecting Freedom is a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give Florida voters the chance to ensure the government doesn’t interfere in Floridians’ personal medical decisions. Learn more about the coalition and its work at: https://floridiansprotectingfreedom.com/