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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

Be Prepared!

Important resources for living in Florida under a 6-week abortion ban

The Yes on 4 initiative is the way that we can end Florida’s 6-week abortion ban set to take effect on May 1st. However, before we pass this initiative, people will still need abortion care. 

Keep this information handy and share it with your networks so you can be as prepared as possible. The barriers for patients in Florida starting on May 1st show just how much we need to remove politicians from private medical decisions about abortion.

Besides the 6-week ban, Florida also has a 24-hour mandatory waiting period. This law requires anyone seeking an abortion to visit the abortion provider twice, in person, at least 24 hours apart. Even when Texas had a similar law in place, they made an exception for people who lived more than 100 miles from an abortion provider. Florida does not make any exceptions.

Information and resources

Floridians for reproductive Freedom has a comprehensive resources page on their website with detailed information about the current laws in Florida and ways to access resources if you or someone you know is pregnant.

Financial support for care

Abortion funds are grassroots organizations that support people seeking abortion access. They exist to help you access abortion, wherever that may be. Funds in Florida include:

Broward Women’s Emergency Fund – Broward County
Emergency Medical Assistance Inc. – Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast
Florida Access Network (FAN) – Statewide
Tampa Bay Abortion Fund – Tampa Bay region
Women’s Emergency Network – South Florida
Access Reproductive Care Southeast (ARC) – Multi-State
National Network of Abortion Funds – Nationwide

You can visit the National Network of Abortion Funds website to find other abortion funds and learn more about the abortion justice work they do.

Avoiding misinformation

The state of Florida gives millions of dollars a year to anti-abortion fake clinics. There are hundreds of them in FL and they have been given tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding by politicians. They may try to trick and shame you. They may use tactics to delay your decision-making until it’s too late to have an abortion. The Abortion Finder website will only show you legitimate reproductive health care providers.