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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

December 22, 2023
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Abortion amendment has more than 90% of petitions needed for 2024 ballot placement

Campaign is on track to hit qualifying by the end of 2023

SARASOTA – Floridians Protecting Freedom, the campaign to put abortion access on the 2024 ballot in Florida, now has ninety-three percent of the validated petitions required. As of today’s update, the Florida Division of Elections has verified 833,743 out of 891,523 petitions, as well as 12 out of the 14 congressional districts needed by February 1. 

“What an exciting way to be closing out 2023,” said Campaign Director Lauren Brenzel. “This accomplishment is a testament to the momentum of our campaign from day one. Floridians are ready to take their power back, to take back control of their bodies and decisions about their lives and futures. The days of politicians interfering in our most private decisions are numbered.” 


Floridians Protecting Freedom is a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give Florida voters the chance to ensure the government doesn’t interfere in Floridians’ personal medical decisions. Learn more about the coalition and its work at: https://floridiansprotectingfreedom.com/