February 7, 2024

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Yes on 4 campaign confident after oral arguments at Florida Supreme Court

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Floridians Protecting Freedom, the campaign to put Amendment 4 on the 2024 ballot, argued in support of the ballot language in front of the Florida Supreme Court.  

Courtney Brewer, who argued for the Yes on 4 campaign, is a board certified appellate attorney who previously worked in the Attorney General’s office and served as a clerk for former Florida Supreme Court Justice Charles Wells. “A plain reading of the amendment language shows that it pertains to only one subject and the summary is clear,” Brewer said. “This amendment clearly meets the criteria to be placed on the ballot before voters.”

“Opponents of Amendment 4’s ballot placement attempted to distort case law, misapply legal tests, and even asked the Court to invent new standards in a desperate attempt to hide their lack of a legal argument behind hollow political rhetoric,” said Yes on 4 Campaign Director, Lauren Brenzel.

On January 25, Floridians Protecting Freedom received notification from the Florida Division of Elections that the initiative will officially be Amendment 4 on the 2024 General Election ballot, pending Supreme Court review. The Florida Division of Elections has verified 996,512 petitions submitted by the campaign, 100,000 more than the 891,523 needed by February 1, 2024. 

So far, out of seven states that have voted on abortion access since Roe v. Wade was overturned, all seven have affirmed support, including conservative states like Kansas, Kentucky, and most recently Ohio. Florida is poised to follow suit.

“From having almost one million voter signatures, to thousands of volunteers, to over $1 million raised by our grassroots efforts, the message is clear. Floridians, from all 67 counties, want to see this amendment on the ballot. We look forward to the Florida Supreme Court confirming what we clearly demonstrated today– our ballot title and summary meet the requirements to go to voters. Then, we will have crossed the final hurdle,” Brenzel said. “We look forward to the Court upholding Floridians’ constitutional right to vote on this amendment, so this November, Floridians will have the chance to restore their freedom to once again control their own bodies, their own health care and their own futures.