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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

September 6, 2023

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Floridians Protecting Freedom Reaches Threshold to Trigger Florida Supreme Court Review

Petition effort has now surpassed 25-percent of required petition totals in half of the state’s congressional districts

SARASOTA, Fla. – Floridians Protecting Freedom (FPF), the committee working to put abortion access on the ballot in 2024, has enough petitions verified with the state of Florida to qualify for Supreme Court review. This is a huge milestone for the campaign, which has more than a third of the necessary petitions validated with the state, putting the amendment one step closer to qualifying for the 2024 ballot.  

“Florida has never seen a citizen initiative with the momentum and grassroots support of our amendment to limit government interference in personal medical decisions,” said Moné Holder, Executive Committee member of  Floridians Protecting Freedom. “And the September 8 oral arguments over Florida’s current 15-week ban have only served as another reminder of the threat abortion bans pose to our freedoms.”

The ballot initiative campaign comes at a critical time for abortion access in Florida and across the country. In the year since the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion bans have eliminated or significantly restricted access to abortion in 20 states – including Florida, where a ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy took effect in July of 2022. The Florida Supreme Court ruling on that ban will also determine whether the six-week ban passed earlier this year will go into effect. Floridians have been forced to travel out-of-state for essential reproductive health care and to delay necessary medical care because of these unclear laws. The fact is, abortion bans deny people the freedom to decide what is best for their own bodies and futures.

“Every time abortion access has been on the ballot since Roe v. Wade was overturned, voters have spoken out in support of access and keeping the government out of our private lives,” said Lauren Brenzel, FPF Campaign Director. “And we’re not just talking about places like Vermont and California, but also in states from Kansas to Kentucky. Our amendment will qualify for the ballot and, come next November, Floridians will add their voices to the chorus of support across the country for patients having control of their own lives, bodies and futures.”


Floridians Protecting Freedom is a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give Florida voters the chance to ensure the government doesn’t interfere in Floridians’ personal medical decisions. Learn more at: https://floridiansprotectingfreedom.com/