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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

April 1, 2024

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Florida Supreme Court rules abortion amendment will be on the ballot

Yes on 4 campaign prepared to seize momentum after clearing final hurdle to place the amendment before voters on this year’s ballot

Tallahassee, Florida – Today the Florida Supreme Court ruled Florida’s proposed amendment to limit government interference with abortion meets the requirements for placement on the November 2024 ballot. Lauren Brenzel, Campaign Director for the Yes on 4 campaign, and former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll released the following statements:

Lauren Brenzel, Campaign Director, Yes on 4

“Today, the Court affirmed what we’ve known all along: that Amendment 4 clearly satisfies the requirements for placement on the ballot. We are thrilled Floridians will have the opportunity to reclaim their bodily autonomy and freedom from government interference by voting for Amendment 4 this November.

“The government should not interfere in personal medical decisions that should be between Floridians and their doctors. And doctors and nurses should not have to risk criminal prosecution to treat the patient in front of them. 

“But right now, Florida politicians are trying to ban abortion before most women even realize they are pregnant, without exceptions for rape and incest. And that’s not all: they proposed laws that would ban all abortions and put access to common fertility treatments like IVF at risk.

“Today’s ruling also underscores the crucial role of Florida’s ballot initiative process, which provides voters an important opportunity to take the reins when politicians aren’t representing our interests. Floridians saw the legislature pass a 15 week and then a six-week abortion ban and this is our chance to engage in direct democracy to stop these unpopular and harmful policies.

“We will work every day to build on the already unprecedented grassroots support this campaign has received from allied organizations, volunteers, and funders to educate voters and strengthen public support ahead of the election.

“Polls have consistently shown well over 60% of Florida voters support limiting government intrusion in the personal health care decision of accessing abortion care. Floridians value their freedom from government interference, and they will make that known loud and clear with their votes in November.

“The fact is, we can never know what someone else is going through – we’re not in their shoes. That’s why we must vote ‘yes’ on this amendment: to keep government out of our exam rooms and make sure Florida families and the doctors who treat them can make the decisions that are right for them.”

Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll

Last year, former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll joined with a group of prominent former Republican elected officials in Florida in signing on to a brief with the Florida Supreme Court in support of placing the ‘Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion’ on the 2024 General Election ballot. Please find her statement on today’s ruling below:

“Today, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed what my colleagues and I believe too, which is that the amendment clearly meets the criteria to go to the people of Florida for a vote. This was the right decision, not for supporters, or opponents of the amendment, but for Floridians who believe in a government of, by and for the people, where the people can bring issues before the voters. 

“Some of us who signed on to this brief are ideologically opposed to abortion. Others believe that government interference with these most private of medical decisions should be extremely limited. But we all believe that Floridians should be the ones to decide.

“This November, they will.”