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Limit Government Interference with Abortion


For media inquiries regarding this campaign to amend Florida’s constitution or abortion access in Florida, please contact our team using the form. Please include your contact information and deadline to better help us respond to your request.

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Recent Press Releases

Yes On 4 Campaign secures over $20 million in just 11 weeks

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Yes On 4, the campaign to limit government interference with abortion, has released an exciting financial report. From June 1 to June 14 donors have given over $8 million, including in-kind donations. The campaign has raised over $20 million in just 11 weeks, since Yes On 4 secured a place on the ballot. 

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State appeals court decision requiring redraft of inaccurate and misleading financial impact statement shown to voters alongside Amendment 4

TALLAHASSEE – Last night, the State of Florida appealed Judge Cooper’s decision requiring the Financial Impact Estimating Conference (FIEC)  to redraft the misleading financial impact statement (FIS) in the Yes On 4 lawsuit. The state’s current FIS is inaccurate and misleading and, if the state has its way, could appear below Amendment 4’s summary on the November ballot. The judge ordered the FIEC to redraft the FIS to reflect the state’s current abortion ban. 

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