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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

May 28, 2024

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Natasha Sutherland named new communications director for Yes on 4

TALLAHASSEE – The Yes on 4 campaign today announced Natasha Sutherland will serve as the full-time communications director for the campaign. 

“Natasha is a consensus-builder and strategist, who has dedicated her career to shifting the political landscape towards improving the lives of all Floridians, no matter their background,” said Yes on 4 campaign director Lauren Brenzel. “She brings deep political and communications roots to this position, along with a comprehensive understanding of targeted constituency communications, and strong connections across the political landscape in Florida. We’re grateful to have her onboard.”

Natasha is a trilingual, first-generation American, an educator, and a military spouse. She previously served as a Deputy Communications Director in the legislature and a state agency. Most recently, she has served in various leadership positions, starting as Black Constituency Communications Director and most recently serving as Interim Director, at the Florida Communications and Research Hub. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining this campaign to limit government interference with abortion and return to Floridians the ability to control their own lives and futures,” said Yes on 4 communications director Natasha Sutherland. “Florida is on the frontlines in our nation’s fight over whether people or politicians will be in control of our health care decisions. I look forward to playing a part in informing every Floridian that their freedom is at stake in November and that they have the power to take it back.” 

Damien Filer, who served as the communications director for the first phase of the campaign, will return to other duties but will remain on as an advisor to Yes on 4. To contact Natasha, please use the media email above or call or text her at 850-567-0799.


Natasha Sutherland (approved headshot for publication)