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Limit Government Interference with Abortion

August 9, 2023

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Floridians Protecting Freedom Applauds Ohioans’ Rejection of Effort to Undermine Democracy and Block Abortion Access

Defeat of Ohio’s Measure 1 is the latest in a string of victories at the ballot since the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade

TALLAHASSEE – Floridians Protecting Freedom (FPF), the committee working to put abortion access on the Florida ballot in 2024, today hailed Ohioans’ rejection of Measure 1, the brazen attempt by anti-abortion politicians to make it harder to amend that state’s constitution to protect access ahead of a November vote. Following yesterday’s victory, FPF Campaign Director Lauren Brenzel issued the following statement:

“We are both energized and unsurprised by yesterday’s victory in Ohio. Since the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision last year, abortion access has prevailed every single time voters have had the chance to weigh in.

“Every Floridian deserves the freedom to access health care and make their own decisions about their lives, families, and futures. Floridians overwhelmingly support restricting governmental interference in private medical decisions and oppose bans like the one currently in state law. The defeat of Ohio’s Measure 1 is the latest in a growing string of victories across the country that bodes well for the success of our campaign here in Florida.

“Our grassroots momentum continues to grow, and we are excited to give Florida voters the chance to limit government interference in personal medical decisions in 2024. We stand in solidarity with our allies in Ohio and look forward to passage of their amendment this November.”


Floridians Protecting Freedom is a citizen-led ballot initiative campaign to give Florida voters the chance to ensure the government doesn’t interfere in Floridians’ personal medical decisions. Learn more at: https://floridiansprotectingfreedom.com/