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Limit Government Interference with Abortion


May 1, 2024

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Yes On 4 campaign statement on six-week abortion ban implementation

MIAMI – Dr. Chelsea Daniels issued the following statement on behalf of the Yes on 4 campaign:

“The women of Florida are in trouble. Today, we awoke to a new world. A world where the State, and not individuals, is in control of our bodies, our lives and our futures. A world where treatable complications in pregnancies will become life-threatening, not because we don’t know how to treat them, but because we won’t be allowed. 

“The government should not interfere in personal medical decisions between Floridians and their doctors. And it should go without saying that doctors should not have to risk criminal prosecution to treat the patient in front of them. 

“But these bans have even more dangerous consequences for patients: a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was raped had to travel to Indiana to get the abortion she needed, and in Texas, one woman who miscarried lost liters of blood and had to go on a breathing machine before doctors were legally able to intervene and help her. And in Louisiana we’ve seen the OB/GYN shortage that anti-abortion bans have caused for the entire state.

“Florida’s near-total abortion ban will take away needed options from patients and their health care providers. Six weeks is before many of my patients even realize they are pregnant. And don’t believe the politicians who say there are meaningful exceptions in this law for rape and incest. The so-called exceptions are a cruel deception designed to fail women and girls when they are most in need. 

“And these politicians won’t stop there. Now, they are proposing laws that would ban ALL abortions and even put access to common fertility treatments like IVF at risk. 

“The fact is, we can never know what someone else is going through – we’re not in their shoes. That’s why we must vote YES: to keep the government out of our exam rooms and make sure Florida families and their doctors have the freedom to make the decisions that are right for them.”